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dandylionMy blogging friend and magnificent artist Terrill at Creative Potager tells us when she has sold a painting, it has been released.   Released from her brush strokes, and parlor and her creative spirit and heart and sent to someone else.    I believe it is time for me to release WiseEars and let it go.

I see others being very successful with this kind of listening, counseling and teaching on line, especially since the development of Skype, Facetime and Other social media connections.   I know I am not a strong marketing person and my IT skills are very slow to grow.   I have so enjoyed all the connections I have made.

I not willing to release my skills and ideas for free in this genre and since August of 2012 none of my contacts have been willing to pay for my services at WiseEars.  Another friend, who is great at marketing, has opened her own Listening Services Online program and she is listening about 35 hours a week now and is being paid.

The military contract that I had is now for volunteer time only and they are not willing to pay for my time and skills, but they are referring lots of military personnel to me.  I am saying NO.   I do not like to say no to these individuals who have served our nation.

I feel it is time to release this site and turn it off.   I thank all the folks who have supported me over the past year – years.  It is time to try something else.

We will be around until the rent comes due in July!

I will leave you with these words from the introduction to the biography MARGARET FULLER

“ Margaret Fuller maintained that all human beings are capable of great accomplishment, that ‘genius’ would be ‘common as light, if men trusted their higher selves.’”

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