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HEALING AT THE SPEED OF SOUND: How What We Hear Transforms Our Brains and Our Lives was a book title that caught my eye.  As a professional listener it seemed important to follow up with this information.  The authors are leaders in their fields and teach music as therapy all over the world – Don Campbell (died in 2012) and Alex Doman.   Campbell is also the author of THE MOZART EFFECT  a book and theory you might already know.

I have been fascinated with reading this valuable resource and have started to go to the webpage and use the links found within the book that assist one in finding their own perfect sounds for each moment of their lives.  “It’s about helping you identify which kinds of sounds enhance your own life most effectively at different times of the day.”

Let’s start at the beginning of the day – what you wake up to makes all the difference.  Some folks like Heavy Metal, some folks Oldies and even others are Classical risers. How do you want to feel first thing in the morning is a better indicator than just music or sounds you prefer.  Personally, I have found that I wake best naturally to the light in my room and the sounds of nature outside my window.  If I have to awaken at a different hour, then I do best with talk radio that has a soothing traditional rhythm.  I want to feel refreshed.

On my partner’s list is Oldies, he cannot get there fast enough to turn it off and thus gets up!

“The first moment of awakening is brief but it’s important, what you hear influences your mood, alertness, energy level, and thus your behavior more directly than you may realize.”  Clinical trials “have shown that sound does in fact affect our health and healing on a cellular level” It has been proven that “music can reduce stress.”

There are lots of different devises now on the market that can assist one in awakening.  There are even apps for your smart phone one can program for various events during the day and for that very important wake up call.

What is your perfect day starting wakeup call?

If you need to restore your relationship with sound within your brain WiseEars is here to assist you and hear what you need to say.

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